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And… FOUR simulators !

 After a FAT completed in Toulouse in June, the Paratranspo simulator (foreground image) is currently crossing the ocean to reach its final destination : the dedicated and cutting edge of technology training facility of OC Transpo in Ottawa.


We couldn’t be more proud !




SNCF Tram-train simulator commissionning

SNCF was delighted to commission their Tram-train simulator. Full desk replica and 3 monitors enhance the immersion impression for trainees. Definitely a success.





2nd world premiere in APTA

Innovation #2  Oktal presented an Alstom Citadys tram & Ford F150 automobile co-simulation during APTA exhibition.

Co-simulation allows two drivers to interact within the same simulation environment. This feature opens additionnal training possibilities and research opportunities.

It was a pleasure to showcase this high quality solution, thank to Barco who provided us with retro projection equipment.




World Premiere in APTA

Innovation #1 OKTAL can now combine Train Driving simulation and Virtual Reality for a better immersion.

Thanks to OKTAL specific implementation, speed & depth perception are improved with no motion sickness.




Meet AV Simulation at Booth 8007 at Autonomous Vehicle Technology World Expo Stuttgart 2018, 5th – 7th June at Hall C2, Messe Stuttgart, Germany





Meet AV Simulation at Booth 8007 at Autonomous Vehicle Technology World Expo Stuttgart 2018, 5th – 7th June at Hall C2, Messe Stuttgart, Germany


AV Simulation will be showing the SCANeR™ studio Virtual Development & Validation Platform for driver assistance systems and autonomous driving, recent developments in physics-based sensor models, demonstrations with real-time ADAS sensor model data, autonomous driving and virtual environment generation as well as complex scenarios using intelligent Traffic populating the roads.







Calgary Visit @ Oktal France

In April, we have been pleased to welcome the Calgary Transit team in our facilities in Toulouse to validate the ongoing work for their new Simulator.

This second simulator is composed of a compact desk and 9 monitors. The bright and sharp display is a real plus for the trainee immersion.






October 2017: SCANeR™studio version 1.7

The new version of SCANeRstudio is now available: 1.7

As a SCANeRstudio User, feel free to (you must be logged in, to access the pages below):

If you have any trouble to download it, please contact the SCANeR Support

Of course, to run it, you need a specific license for this software, do not hesitate to contact support team or sales department.



SCANeR™ Days 2017



OKTAL is pleased to announce the 3rd SCANeR™Day which will be held on 16th October, 2017 in Paris, France.

As usual, the SCANeR™Day event will be focusing on technologies and products roadmap from OKTAL and will aim at providing you with cutting edge information on current developments, introducing new features and demonstrating the capabilities of SCANeR™studio software.

This year, we will also share with you the very exciting changes that occurred in our company and how this will boost our presence on the automotive simulation market (SIL, HIL, MIL).

This year the venue will be at the Musée des Arts et Métiers in the very center of Paris. This museum is dedicated to invention, science and technology through the ages.


This is where you will find displayed for example: Pascal’s original calculating machine (1642), James Watt’s steam engine (1780), Lavoisier’s gasometers (1785), Edison’s phonographs, film camera prototypes by the Lumière brothers (1895), Cugnot’s Fardier (first ever automobile vehicle in 1769), Foucault’s pendulum (1851) and much more…

After the technical and marketing sessions, a private guided visit of the Museum will be organized.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to share technical solutions and discuss use case topics with OKTAL experts.

We will again provide you with cutting edge information, present current developments, introduce new features and demonstrate the capabilities of SCANeR™studio.

Looking forward meeting you there,


The OKTAL Team