Railway simulators

Railway simulators

OKTAL offers a wide range of simulators which can be used for any operational need.

Options and features of the micro-simulator
  • Easy to install, use and move from one location to another
  • Simplified desktop, generic controls and touch screens
  • 1 trainer can supervise
    1 to 4 students, self-training mode available
  • High quality and realistic CGI
  • Low acquisition and operating costs


The Micro-Simulator is composed of a simplified desk with generic controls and touchscreens reproducing the auxiliary equipment. Given its small size, the Micro-Simulator is a versatile tool, easy to install, to use and to transport between different Training locations. It is an ideal solution to train large groups of operators and new hires during initial or refresher training. Various operating goals can be achieved: introduction of the new rolling stock, route familiarization and correct procedures reinforcement. Several pedagogical features are available to instructors: session reports for training traceability, students' performance comparison or debriefing. As the developped features are fully tailored to the customer's needs, this is a great value for money solution. This simulator may also be available in a flight-case version to protect the equipment during the transport.
Micro-simulator - Tram-train simulator
Micro-simulateur - Instructor station supervising 4 driver stations Micro-simulator - Freight Train simulator Micro-simulator - Student station and Instructor station
Middle-Range Simulator
Options and features of the middle-range simulator
  • Limited space requirement
  • Various types of rolling stocks included (exchangeable top plates with the main controls)
  • Faithful representation of actual controls
  • Large projection system or LCD monitors for the CGI
  • Observers' station for large groups of trainees
  • High quality and realistic CGI

Middle-Range Simulator

Close in size to the Micro-Simulator, the Middle-Range Simulator or Driving Console Simulator integrates the actual control stand for further immersion of the student. This range of product often offers the same level of software features as the Full Mission Simulator however the cab mock-up is not included. Trainee's immersion is achieved through the use of large monitors or one or multi-channel projection systems. The student's station includes the actual driving desk from the simulated train or its very close replica. If required, it can also be equipped with removable driving panels allowing a faithful simulation of different kinds of rolling stock. The Middle-Range Simulator is highly recommended for operators having many different rolling stock types.
Middle-range simulator - Metro simulator
Middle-range simulator - Tramway simulator Middle-range simulator - Light Rail Vehicle simulator Middle-range simulator - Various student stations
Full Mission Simulator
Options and features of the Full Mission simulator
  • Full cabin replica and real train controls
  • High quality and realistic CGI providing complete immersive driving
  • Motion system on option : accurate dynamic model and driving experience
  • Large range of tools for trainers

Full Mission Simulator

This high end solution includes a realistic replica of the driving cab and all the driving controls. Optionally, it can be complemented with 3,5 or 6 DOF (degrees of freedom) motion platform. By offering a complete immersion, this simulator offers to students the closest driving experience to operating an actual train (locomotive, multiple unit cars, light rail vehicle or tramway). Sometimes used for drivers' recertification, this configuration is an unrivalled solution to enable driver's training in response to key safety issues, addressing operating incidents or providing passenger service. While significantly reducing the cost of training, the Full Mission Simulator provides the student with a 'true to life' experience of emergency situations and rolling stock malfunctions that would be impossible or very costly to demonstrate in operating environment and hands-on training.

Providing a full range of preparation, monitoring and supervision tools, the Full Mission Simulator is an ideal solution for new rolling stock introduction, drivers' conversion and screening of new hires.
Full Mission simulator - Tramway simulator
Full Mission simulator - DE24000 Freight Train simulator Full Mission simulator - DE24000 Cabin view freight train simulator Full Mission simulator - DE22000 Driving position freight train simulator Full Mission simulator - Tramway simulator Visual display Full Mission simulator - High speed train simulator Full Mission simulator - Outside view