OKTAL delivers a new replica simulator to Calgary Transit




OKTAL delivers a new replica simulator to Calgary Transit

On September 25th, OKTAL has successfully delivered and commissioned a new full-scale static Light Rail Vehicle (LRV) simulator to Calgary Transit (CT), the public transport authority of the City of Calgary, in Alberta, Canada.

This simulator is composed of a real, fully-reworked and instrumented, train cab inside a 220degrees visual projection system. In this simulator, OKTAL innovated by using of a proprietary seat motion system giving the driver the feeling of movement on 3 axes (pitch, heave and sway). The software includes a very detailed model of the Siemens SD-160 Series 8 trains used by CT (including Passenger Information System simulation or train failures simulation), along with a comprehensive CGI and logical model of the 60km of the actual CT rail network, with a particular effort being made on the 5 km long 7th Avenue in downtown Calgary. The software also features simulation of passengers’ behaviors, weather conditions and realistic road traffic.
This project, as well as the on-going STM project in Montréal, confirms the position of OKTAL as a main train simulator supplier in Northern America, and is certainly the first of a series of scale 1:1 simulators success on this continent.