Calgary Transit officially presents its new simulator delivered by OKTAL

Yesterday the City of Calgary transportation company, Calgary Transit, presented its new LRVSim simulator, delivered by OKTAL in September 2013, to the press.

This LRV simulator is a Replica simulator based on the fully instrumented real vehicle cabin, a highly immersive projection display and a motion seat. It has been conceived according to the Siemens SD-160 train model and the specific signaling system used in Calgary. OKTAL also modeled the whole Calgary LRV/Tramway network, including the complex modelling of road traffic and pedestrians.

Thanks to the simulator, drivers will now be trained to driving and to passenger service while facing real operational situations within a virtual environment.

OKTAL's LRV simulator cabin Visual of the LRV simulator Passengers of the LRV simulatorVisual of the LRV simulator