OKTAL know-how serving Cockpits of the Future within FENICS project

FENICS (Fondement pour l’Etude de Nouvelles Interactions pour les futurs Cockpits) is an R&D project which aims to approve new cockpit concepts especially based on human-machine interface.

Among the 21 partners of this project which also involves AIRBUS, THALES, DASSAULT and EUROCOPTER, OKTAL has been granted with the mission of the conception and the integration of a CAVE (Cave Automatic Virtual Environment). This CAVE will help reproducing several virtual aircraft cockpits prototypes so that they can be tested, experienced and approved in a simulated working environment.

A CAVE is a 3D highly realistic and immersive environment made up for several flat-screens, in which the user can easily move and interact with various components of the environment.

The CAVE executed by OKTAL in partnership with AIRBUS will help validating new elements developed for aircrafts of the future.