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The automotive industry is a high-growth sector which is forced to innovate permanently in various areas such as driver assistance systems, comfort, safety or reducing energy consumption. With a growing number of cars in use, the industry is facing safety issues constantly: that is why it is a field for numerous studies on human factor and man-machine interface. From that point of view, the use of simulation is increasingly relevant and necessary since it allows to display and to test a set of variables in a virtual environment.

OKTAL has been a major player in the automotive simulation market for 20 years and has developed a specific offer to meet the requirements of each type of clients. Thanks to our knowledge of the automotive industry issues and our understanding of the client’s needs, OKTAL designs suitable solutions, whether it be the delivery of a fully operational simulator or a complete software solution.

In the automotive market, OKTAL addresses the following three main segments.

Truck driving research simulator
Car driving research simulator


The clients of the Research Segment are the Universities, laboratories and institutes of research. Their principal aim is to conduct Human Factor research on systems and means of transport, as well as transport infrastructure from technical, economic and sociological perspectives.
Certain clients in this area are also involved in the improvement of driver assistance systems, comfort and security as well as security from an ergonomic viewpoint, man-machine interaction and the studies conducted treat the following subjects:

  • The Driver: ergonomics, driver-system interaction, behaviour, fatigue, hyper-vigilance, distraction, influence of alcohol and drugs,
  • Driving Environment: infrastructure, intelligent roads- ITS, traffic conditions and type, security.

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Clients are Automobile manufacturers (OEM) and equipment manufacturers developing complete vehicles or systems. The implementation of our simulation solutions and SIL/HIL benches allow:

  • Reduction in the cycles of development,
  • Limiting of the gap between functional validation and the prototype test,
  • Fine-tuning and validation of on-board systems.

The experiments conducted involved:

  • The driver within the vehicle: Visibility, Ergonomy, HCI
  • The vehicle and on-board systems: Active Chassis control, lighting, ADAS, Dynamic handling, pre-dimensioning in the project planning phase, Pre-race Setup in racing.

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Car dynamic system study
Dynamic performance Study of acceleration and braking Braking and trajectory of a vehicle HMI and ergonomy
Simulators Training room
Truck driving training Simulators Training room


Worldwide, an increasing number of those involved in driver training and driver awareness (Training centers, Transport operators, Insurance companies, Local and District councils) are interested in acquiring simulators.

Oktal propose solutions to meet the following needs:

  • Professional Driver Training LVG, HGV and Bus,
  • Road risk-prevention and eco-driving awareness,
  • Driving School Instruction.
Our solution lies in the SCANeR DT version of the SCANeR Software Suite which combines the power of our popular and respected modules (Visual, Traffic Intelligence, Vehicle Dynamics) with innovative modules specifically designed for training purposes (pedagogical cursus, exercise creation, session supervision in a multi-simulator environment , driver de-briefing evaluation). It also meets the requirements of clients wishing to design a complete solution tailored to their country’s needs.

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