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OKTAL is both the publisher of SCANeR™ Simulation Software and a supplier of driving simulation solutions and associated services. The understanding of our clients’ needs allow us to define solutions tailored to certain industry-specific subjects, through the implementing of the relevant SCANeR™ modules.

Night vision with headlights
Headlights and glare effects Headlights and road texture Motorbike headlights Lights isocurves Lights isocurves


SCANeR™studio Headlight module

The “Headlight” module of interactive simulation from SCANeR™ Studio is a powerful tool used for the design of components and headlight systems and equally for realistic experiments in night-driving. It is the product of numerous research projects led by OKTAL as well as numerous user requests.

The major benefit obtained from the utilisation of this module is the spectacular reduction in the number of prototypes required and the decrease in time to market, therefore representing a lowering of overall costs. Furthermore, it equally leads to a marked improvement in the quality of test phases, validation and the fine-tuning of the headlight systems.

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SCANeR™studio ADAS module

Thanks to its extreme versatility SCANeR™ Studio contains modules and functionalities which allow the implementation, testing and validation of the ADAS, whether it be in driving or “off-line” simulation.

This is made possible thanks to the existence of the “Sensors” module, which integrates different types of sensors benefiting from different levels of modelling, from functional to physical.
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SCANeR ADAS Functions Physical simulation Visible Domain Cameras for ADAS
SIL test bench


SCANeR™studio SIL/HIL module

OKTAL develops test solutions based on our SCANeR™ Studio software, which allows software and the ECUs of on-board systems to be placed in operational situations, within the various stages of their development cycle.

This approach is greatly facilitated by SCANeR™ Studio’s architecture and it practical open nature which allows an easy interface with other software and systems.

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SCANeR™studio Virtual Cockpit module

SCANeR™ Studio’s “Virtual Cockpit” module allows a virtual model of a new vehicle’s cockpit to be placed in realistic driving situations whilst still in an early stage of development. It is therefore possible to conduct visibility and ergonomic studies well in advance and thus orient the development of the design in relation to the results obtained.
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Virtual cockpit
Virtual cockpit Virtual cockpit