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Airport driving simulator

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The aeronautics industry is facing big challenges such as: continuing its development while adjusting its programs to changing modes of transport, managing its increasing traffic, dealing with the rising oil prices and complying with safety and environment regulations.


Nowadays, the aeronautics players spend a 15% of their turnover to research, technology and development of new products.


In this context in which simulation needs are crucial, OKTAL mainly addresses 4 markets:


  • Training to airside driving during airport operations
  • Air traffic control
  • Aircraft operations and maintenance
  • Studies and research for systems design and validation


Depending on the segment, OKTAL can be a:


  • Light simulation systems supplier
  • Simulation software editor (welcome structure, 3D visuals, simulation models)
  • Assistant in project management during simulation systems definition

Our expertise built on more than 20 years’ experience and our mature software components make us a strong partner for our customers. Our listening, our reactivity and our technical skills are our main assets to guarantee to our customers the best simulation solution according their needs.

Aircraft towing operations - Airport Driving Simulator (ADS)
Faithful environment reproduction - Airport Driving Simulator (ADS) Detailed and accurate 3D model - Airport Driving Simulator (ADS) Driving conditions - Airport Driving Simulator (ADS) Real traffics, aircrafts and airlines - Airport Driving Simulator (ADS) Airport field recognition - Airport Driving Simulator (ADS)

Airport operations

Airside drivers training

Our functional and adaptable systems aim to improve the training of vehicle drivers on airports. The objectives of reducing both safety risks and problems caused to ground operations leaded OKTAL to develop an optimized solution to enhance training and safety on the movement areas of your airport.
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Air Traffic Control

Air Navigation Control training

On road control, approach control and aerodrome control are the three main parts of air traffic control. The product range SCANSIM, partly produced by OKTAL, is an international reference for the initial and advanced training of all types of air traffic controller. It allows to train to each stage of air traffic control.

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Take-off - Air Traffic Control Simulator
Vehicle on runway - Air Traffic Control Simulator Night vision - Air Traffic Control Simulator Approach airport view - Air Traffic Control Simulator
Aircraft incident - Air Traffic Control Simulator

Aircraft operations and maintenance

Aircrew and Maintenance personnel training

Operations management, maintenance and certification of cabin communication systems are major matters for manufacturers and operators. OKTAL develops suitable systems for initial and continuous training on all types of aircraft.

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Engineering and Research

Engineering and Research for systems design and validation

Our customers’ needs for engineering are mainly studies on new systems design and ergonomics within a validation process. In this framework, OKTAL designs simulation packages and takes part in research projects along with universities and industry players.
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Immersive CAVE model
Immersive CAVE visual display Airport modelling